Design and code a five page website for a building with influential architecture. Aspects of the building must be present in the design. The layout must include information about the structure, the design style of that period, the architect, an image gallery, and the process of the website’s design.


Reminiscent of various forms found in nature, Frank Lloyd Wright’s Guggenheim Museum embodies the style of Organic Architecture. Viewed from the outside, the building is comprised of round, rock-like shapes stacked on-top of one another. Inside, gazing up from the ground floor, the flow of the spiraling levels mirror the climb of ivy on a lamppost. And the skylight, like the intricate design of a spider’s web.

Recognized mostly for its exterior, the masthead instead celebrates the internal view of the Guggenheim’s twist—looking down from the top floor. Warm tones of autumn paired with the coolness of a shaded forest provided inspiration for website’s the color palette.